Do you have a Really Big Dream but no idea how to make it happen?


Or maybe you’ve taken steps towards your goals, but you’re not making as much progress as you’d like?


Are you feeling stuck or unsatisfied in life? Are you lacking direction and clarity? Perhaps your vision is to HAVE a vision?!

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ALOHA and Welcome!

I'm Jen Choi (hi!), and I’m passionate about leveraging emotional intelligence and mindfulness to better our lives and our world. As a life coach, my mission is to empower individuals to move from INSPIRATION to TRANSFORMATION. 


Whether we realize it or not, ALL of us have seeds of Really Big Dreams deep within us. 


which also means, ALL OF US have the potential to CREATE our BEST Life.

This Dream Life will look different for each of us, but one thing that is universally true is: 

Our Really Big Dreams need the right conditions, a supportive environment & consistent action in order to take root and truly blossom into our Best Life. 


Working with a life coach can accelerate your progress towards your goals.  Some ways that I help include:

  • IDENTIFYING and CLARIFYING your vision

  • STRATEGIZING and PLANNING how to achieve your goals

  • Providing ACCOUNTABILITY for your progress

  • Being a SOUNDING BOARD for your major decisions

  • Helping you GET UNSTUCK during the process


IN A NUTSHELL, I HELP YOU create *YOUR* best life.


Ready to work together or interested in learning more? Let's connect!