If you want to be a star, SHARPEN YOUR POINTS

Well hello, friends! Now that the first 31 days of 2018 are behind us, how're everyone’s New Years resolutions going? 😂

Setting New Year's resolutions is a wonderful practice, however, be strategic about what you want to change.


There's lots to be respected and gained from shedding undesired habits or patterns. Life can definitely improve drastically from healthier eating or increasing exercise or taking a new course and expanding your knowledge. Investing in your personal growth is an investment always worth making! 🙌🏽


However, at this point towards your life goals, where could your time & efforts get the most return? What are the things that...

  • you’re naturally good at, and would likely become an all-star of?
  • you've gained competency in, and could potentially become an all-star of?
  • you've worked hard to achieve baseline proficiency in, but it’s unrealistic you’ll be an all-star of?


Even from this short evaluation, you can probably quickly see where spending your time would give you much bigger rewards...



Ever heard of the Pareto Principle? This brilliant Italian principle states that 20% of your input is responsible for 80% of your output. Yeah, let that one sink in a bit...


So, back to those 2018 Resolutions- What 20% input is going to lead you towards the 80% output you desire? Will focusing on your strengths help you reach success faster? What things are you already good at and could become an expert in?


I encourage you to take another look and see if some of your resolutions would be a better fit if they focused on sharpening your strengths, rather than reducing your weaknesses.


And you’ll probably have a lot more fun with them too because who doesn’t like doing things they’re naturally good at?!


So happy 32nd day of 2018 friends, and wishing you lots of strengths-based success! 🎉💪🏽




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