Some opportunities you only allow ONCE

When you're doing the work, what's meant for you will not pass you. If you miss that first opportunity or big break, a boomerang second chance is likely not far behind...


However, for those opportunities that YOU create for others in YOUR life, totally different story: It's your choice how you let people treat you. It's your decision what you do and do not allow. 


For some, that may mean second (or third or hundredth) chances. For others, it may mean one and done. Life is rarely 100% ideal, so naturally some circumstances may also require a trade-off.


But in order to know what is a good trade-off, you must know YOUR priorities. You must know YOUR bottom lines. You must know what is and is not okay BY YOU. 


So how do you do this? There's lots of ways, but from my own experience, the most effective way has been having CLARITY: A vision that is clear AF and rock solid core values.  


Once you know where you're going, your priorities naturally become more clear. Situations with conflicting priorities become less paralyzingly because now you know what is the better trade off and thus, the right decision for you. Having a solid foundation of core values guides you in this process as you choose actions more in alignment with where you are going and the person who you need to become in order to get there. 


Now, summoning the courage to actually act on those decisions is another story 😂.


So do what you can to get clear on YOUR vision & values. Not your boss's vision, not your company's vision, not your family & friends' vision. YOURS. 


Ask for help, look up resources, google your questions, hire a coach! Create space in your calendar to re-evaluate and check in with yourself on a regular basis. Catch yourself when you've moved out of alignment, and take steps to get yourself back on the path towards the Best Possible You (and practice self-love and compassion in the process!). 


It's not somebody else's life, it's YOUR life. It's up to you to direct it. 💪🏾. #getinthedriversseat


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