If you don't stand for SOMETHING, you'll fall for ANYTHING

During my coach training program, one of the very first coaching concepts I learned about was STAND.  When it was first introduced to me, it sounded like a foreign word - wtf is “stand”? Did I really just drop mad cash money to talk about my posture?!


I was expecting something more like “active listening” or “crucial conversations” or ANY other professional-sounding buzzword for communication. But, “Stand”...? …Really??


In the non-anatomical sense, Merriam Webster defines stand as “to remain firm in the face of” or “to maintain one's position.”


Hmm… so it’s not just physical.


When we start thinking of “taking a stand” in conceptual terms, I’m sure many of us can relate…


How many of us have stood up for a friend? Or stood up against a bully? How many of us have intervened when we saw a little kid getting beat up on the playground?


I’m 99% positive that all of us can recognize and relate to these experiences of taking a stand for someone else (congratulations on being a feeling human and not a psychopath).


So how is a Coach’s Stand any different?


Well, for one - as your Coach, I have absolutely ZERO ulterior motive, bias, or subconscious dream for you to live out. Bless our family and friends, but sometimes they can’t hold back their expectations/desires for us and it may seep through in their interactions (“advice”) with us.


Plus, let’s not even get into the psychological hot pot about parent-child dynamics, family of origin wounds, and emotional triggering. I think it’s safe to say that as your Coach, I’ll probably be one of the most objective people in your tribe.


Now, more importantly, when I take a Coach’s Stand for you, that means I am taking a stand for your Best Self. ALWAYS.


I stand for your wisest, most enlightened attitudes.


I stand for your most evolved and mature behaviors.


I stand for your most skillful and adept self to navigate a challenging situation.


I stand for your best possible outcome.


I stand for your best possible future.


In essence, I stand for the Best Possible You. So what does this look like?


When you’re feeling stuck in life and know something needs to change, but don’t know what or how to do it.

  • I stand up for you, and we get real about how to transform your current blah life into bliss life.


When you have big dreams and are beginning to take steps towards them, but every other week you FREAK OUT and want to quit because it’s too hard.

  • I stand up for you, and we address the anxiety that’s blocking you.


When you know what you should be doing to make progress towards your goals, but instead you’re mindlessly scrolling through facebook, bingeing on netflix, or pounding ben & jerry’s like no tomorrow and exhibiting all sorts of regressive and self-destructive behaviors.

  • I stand up for you and call out your behavior for what it is: Fear. And then we figure out how to get you back in alignment towards your dreams.


Everyone’s blocks and challenges towards their dreams/ goals/ bliss life look different, but the essence of the transformation struggle is universal: We can be both our biggest advocate and our own worst enemy.


We all know that it takes our Best Self to create true transformation in our lives. However, it’s also our Worst Self that undermines our efforts in order to keep things status quo, and thus prevent our dreams from becoming reality.


With the help of a Coach, now you have an ally when your Worst Self is crippling you. Someone who is unequivocally on your Best Self’s side and impermeable to the effects of your Worst Self.  


Together, we’ll co-create a safe space where both your Best Self and Worst Self are invited to the table, and real talk can happen. We’ll identify the self-limiting beliefs, the fears, and the sneaky tactics your Worst Self uses to keep you firmly stuck in your comfort zone. We’ll create new, self-empowering beliefs and choose practices to get your Best Self back on track.


And most importantly, as your coach, I witness you and your growth. I see you. I hear you. ALL of you: Best Self, Worst Self, and Current Self.


I’m going to reflect back to you which of these selves is actually showing up: I’ll remind you how far your Current Self has already grown on this journey. I will point out where your Best Self is shining and deserves more credit. I’ll also lovingly, yet firmly, call out your Worst Self’s bullshit that your friends & family all see but are too afraid to tell you. Real, honest reflections.


I’m also going to hold you accountable towards your dreams and goals: Together, we’ll formulate actions, strategies, and habits that support your success. Life doesn’t transform overnight, but with the right mindset and consistent practice, you will actualize your bliss life.


Transforming your life is no easy feat, and not everyone is cut out for it. It’s scary, and can even be downright terrifying(!!). But waking up to your bliss life, feeling aligned with your soul’s purpose and mission in this world, experiencing life to its fullest - THAT’s what living is really all about.


So, if you’ve decided to embark on this path, H YEAH to you!  Something better is possible for you. You can do this. You are brave beyond measure.


And when you forget how awesomely courageous you are and why you decided to go on this crazy journey (because we’re all human with imperfect memories), I stand firm for your Best Possible You.


So, ready to get started?! Let’s connect!