Frustration inspires Transformation

Who else remembers the old days of texting?! 😂


Ah, that familiar feeling of Frustration. Also commonly disguised as Dissatisfied, Annoyed, and the ultimate throwback feel: Teenage Angst (“But you don’t understand, no one has ever felt like this before!”).


It took me a LONG time to realize that feeling frustrated doesn’t necessarily have to be a “bad” thing. Sure, it feels terrible and I definitely wouldn’t wish it on anyone else. BUT - it serves a very important function:


Our pain tells us that something isn’t working. Something’s not okay. Something needs to change.


It’s our inner Best Self trying to get our attention so we can make a course correction now, rather than plow headfirst into that iceberg later.


What exactly requires changing is probably going to be different each time, AND (here’s the kicker), sometimes it may take us awhile to figure out... 

  • Perhaps it’s your favorite food that’s actually wreaking havoc on your internal organs
  • Maybe that well-paying job is great for your bank account, but it’s rapidly draining your soul account
  • Or perhaps you’ve outgrown something that used to work for you, which now no longer serves you (and in fact, may even be holding you back!)


Whatever it is, remember to be patient and kind with yourself wherever you are 🙏🏽..


I really wish I had a Magic Bullet to share with you to make this moment pass quickly (BELIEVE me), but alas, I don’t. However, what I can offer is an alternative perspective:


USE your pain. Let it INSPIRE you and MOTIVATE you. DO something about it. 


If you have no idea how to even get started, start by putting on your observer hat and begin noticing what makes you tick. Write it down, get specific, capture the details. Start talking to other people - does X frustrate them too or is it just you?


The more data points you collect, the more likely you’ll start seeing trends and themes jump out at you. As you continue, you’ll strengthen your awareness, which is what will help you figure out what needs transforming in your life.


And if you’re really lucky - you may just uncover a PASSION. A lot of times, what drives people to success is their undying motivation to never feel X again:

  • Ever heard the story of the scrawny kid who got bullied relentlessly, and then went on to become a champion martial arts fighter? (What up Karate Kid)
  • Or how about the father who would stop at nothing to land a prestigious banking job so that he & his son wouldn’t have to sleep in homeless shelters anymore? (Hey Fresh Prince, you’re looking a bit different)


Starting to catch my drift here?


So go forth friends, and get curious about what’s bothering you! Let your dissatisfaction with the status quo motivate you to DO something about it.


Who knows, you might just uncover something that not only changes your life, but ALL of ours. 🙌🏽


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