When a woman cleans her closet,



Every. Single. Time. It honestly *is* that black & white 💪🏾..

I'm a self-professed Minimalist and with each phase of growth, I find myself tossing more and more: clothes, products, memorabilia, duplicates of anything, singular of unwanted things. There is something indescribably satisfying about physically removing blah and creating open space for awe.


These days, there is hardly anything left to toss because I genuinely adore every item I own. And unbeknownst to me, this has become my gateway to freedom: In the past week, I unexpectedly found out I had to move and in a matter of DAYS, I found a new place, signed on it, hired movers for my furniture, hand packed and then unpacked every single item I own, and am now comfortably settled into my new place which I LOVE and ironically is even smaller than my last studio 😆. 


And best of all? This was hands down, the "easiest" move I've done in the past 6 years: No ocean to cross, no heartbreaking goodbyes, no tears on either side of a plane ride because NO PLANE RIDE!


Sure, there were snafu's like the movers who scheduled me for the wrong day and the unexpected plumbing diversions, but the entire process as a whole felt straightforward and the setbacks didn't quite feel like setbacks... Somehow, it all came together and it came together FAST. Clearly, the ease in this move wasn't just about "stuff." 

I share all of this to say: What physical/ mental/ emotional freedom does your Best Self crave? How can you tap into this feeling of expansiveness by creating space in your life *right now*?


 Freeing ourselves of emotional and mental burdens can be exhausting and overwhelming, to say the least 😳. But that closet? That desk? That one drawer you know you avoid?? Heck Yeah we can create space in that! 


Don't underestimate the power of taking *action* towards your vision. Step by step, small action to big action, you'll get there. Cleaning out space may seem totally unrelated to your life goals, but that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction from your efforts? Yup, that feeling is universal to ALL worthwhile goals. Savor this feeling, and continue building momentum with each new action you take towards your dreams. 


And, Bonus Points! Combining your intention with tangible movements sends a very powerful signal out to the Universe. Our actions announce, "This badass is in the driver's seat. She just decided LIKE A BOSS and is committed to taking charge of her life 💪🏾.".


In turn, the Universe will rally to support you. This support may take the form of helpful guides, more synchronicities, alignment like whoa, etc. Why? Because YOU my friend, are actually brave enough to shift your dreams into reality. This is no small feat!(!!) And you bet the Universe is going to support the F out of that! 


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